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“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Kim Boyden is fiercely committed to guiding her clients into living their highest good and coming alive to their greatness.  Whether it be creating healthier lifestyles by losing weight, by stopping smoking or reducing stress to live a conscious, peaceful life with purpose.

Kim’s qualifications as a heart-centered advocate for helping people live a healthy and vibrant life include over 3 decades of working with clients in the healing or therapeutic field and 9 years running a successful private practice as a hypnotherapist.  She has helped hundreds of people change unhealthy habits into living the life of their dreams.

Her new coaching business, A Vibrant Presence, is representative of her passion and dedication to assist her clients to go deeper into defining and living their vision of a healthy, energized and loving existence.

Kim’s new transformational weight loss program, Becoming Light, is a metaphor for successful living.  As described in her new upcoming book,  “The Thinking, Doing, Being Diet” Kim uses the cutting edge aspects of brain science, quantum physics, spirituality and practical living to obtain astounding results in her clients living a vibrant, healthy life.

Kim has an impressive background and training as a certified hypnotherapist, NLP Practioner, and EFT Practioner.  Her education consists of a Master’s degree in Psychology, Licensed Massage Therapist, Nursing, and Community Health Educator.  Her unquenchable desire to learn is demonstrated through continuous trainings in entrepreneurship coaching and is currently training to become a Spiritual Practioner. 

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