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Becoming Light…Release the Weight, Feed Your Heart

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried diet after diet with little or no results
  • Lost weight after a diet only to gain it all back again?
  • The idea of another diet makes you want to go order a Big Mac?  Or, scream!
  • Sick and tired of looking in your closet for something that looks good on you and still fits?
  • Low energy?  Avoiding social events?  Hate your mirror?  Health problems?
  • Vowing that tomorrow will be THE day that you’re starting your new exercise program and eating right, for the umpth time?

If you're at the right place ready to:

  • Say good-bye to diets forever and still lose weight?
  • Instantly change bad habits into a healthy lifestyle?
  • Eliminate food cravings completely?
  • Discover the #1 mistake that keeps your dreams at arms length
  • Gain direct access to the 90% + of your brain that you’re not using
  • Cause a quantum leap in your ability to use the Law of Attraction?
  • Start loving your body and living your greatness
  • Access your assets
  • Make your weight loss look so easy your friends and family will wonder what your secret is

If you’ve been trying to “go it alone” your results will be dismal…Here’s why:

Somewhere between 70% – 80% of the people who attempt to lose weight with diet and exercise alone will FAIL.  Many actually gain more weight that they started with.

The real secret to losing weight permanently is to deal with the underlying issues, behaviors and thinking that run on autopilot.

Here is your opportunity to bust out of old destructive patterns and step into a lifestyle of health and vitality.

You have waited long enough.  It’s your turn to activate your greatness.  Don’t wait!

Get your individual personalized program, CDs and support, NOW.

If you’re committed to releasing your weight and living a vibrant, healthy, confident and purposeful life, welcome to Becoming Light.

This program is different than anything else you’ve tried before.  If you’re ready to let your life shine, don’t wait!

Call NOW for a complimentary strategy session 206-355-5640 to make your appointment.

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